Our therapeutic approach

Our therapy team works directly with pupils, giving specialist advice and training to the teaching and support staff and contributing to the planning of each pupil’s programme. Pupils may have individual sessions or take part in classes or groups where therapists work alongside the class teacher.

Two speech and language therapists assess and deliver programmes to pupils for all areas of language and communication development. The focus is upon the development of communication in a functional setting.
Communication policy pdf.

A full-time occupational therapist is employed to help pupils to develop and practise daily living skills and acquire learning skills through the encouragement of play. Particular emphasis is placed on improving fine motor skills including the development of handwriting. Sensory issues are addressed, monitored and reviewed.

A part-time music therapist holds weekly individual sessions with pupils where needed. The therapist seeks to establish contact with the pupil through the shared use of sound, leading them to develop their own music. By establishing a relationship through music the child can experience and explore new ways of relating, leading to development and change. There is also the opportunity to develop self-expression, self-confidence and communication within a safe, boundaried environment.

A part-time physiotherapist provides direct input, advice and assessment as appropriate with an emphasis on the development of motor skills.

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