A pupil-centred approach

Small classes are grouped according to pupil needs. Each has a teacher and a team of trained support staff. Our therapists work with all pupils in class, group or individual sessions. The timetable contains a full curriculum and plenty of opportunities to develop social skills.

Woodcroft promotes a healthy lifestyle wherever possible. We have weekly activities available for all pupils including swimming, tennis, trampolining, rebound therapy, pony riding, yoga and forest walks. There are also visits to the gym, sports centre and adventure playground.

Our school lunches are made with fresh ingredients and a healthy food policy supports the healthy living goals of the school curriculum. Woodcroft is participating in the National Healthy Schools Programme, a government initiative intended to assure the highest standard of provision for pupils’ personal, social, health and physical education and their emotional health and wellbeing.

Information and communication technology is in use across all areas of our work. Sensory impairment, speech and language disorders, disturbed behaviour and physical disabilities are addressed by trained staff using suitable equipment.

The school council meets regularly to discuss whole school issues and is attended by pupils representing each class group.

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