Supporting pupils and parents

Woodcroft recognises the importance of support before, during and immediately after a child’s placement at Woodcroft. This section outlines some of the ways that our experienced staff team can enhance and support each pupil’s education. Please contact our head teacher for copies of any policies that you require.

A working partnership with parents is essential to support pupil learning. We welcome visits from parents and aim to keep them fully informed of pupil progress and school events. Parents receive day-to-day information and support in a variety of other ways including telephone contact, pupil diaries and home/school books. Social events, the parents’ support group, a parent forum, termly workshops and regular bulletins and newsletters all help to provide closer links between home and school.

Woodcroft’s care manager is available as a contact for parents on a daily basis. Staff will visit individual homes where needed, to provide support and help maintain a consistent approach.

In accordance with independent school regulations, a copy of the school’s complaints procedure and the number of any complaints registered under the formal procedure last year are available from the head teacher on request.

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