Behaviour support

Behaviour support plans are discussed, agreed and monitored regularly. Classroom staff are trained in Team Teach behaviour support strategies. It is the policy of the school that all pupils are treated with care and respect.

Positive behaviour management strategies are used, including praise for achievement and the recognition of positive effort. An Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) consultant is available where required.

Woodcroft is committed to making placements a success and to providing support to ensure attendance at school wherever possible. However, some forms of extreme disruptive behaviour may require preventative measures such as physical intervention or temporary or permanent removal from class or school. Such extreme behaviours include those causing serious risk to the welfare of pupils themselves or others, serious damage to property, or severe disruption of learning. A copy of our policy on exclusion is available below, or from the head teacher on request.

Behaviour management policy pdf

Pupil exclusion policy pdf

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